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Premier Columbus Accident Towing Recovery Service

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Accidents of any kind can be stressful, but when they involve automobiles the emotional impact is even harder to bear. Eitel’s Towing Inc. in Columbus is ready to clear the scene of the collision so that you can turn your focus toward your own safety and the security of others who were involved. We understand that secondary accidents sometimes occur as a result of the first collision, so we work quickly and efficiently to prevent any further incidents from happening. You can be sure that our accident towing recovery services include moving your vehicle safely, so that no further damage takes place. The safekeeping of your automobile and any belongings inside of the vehicle will be one of our top priorities.

What You Should Do After a Collision

Those first few moments after a collision in Central Ohio can be overwhelming and confusing. You’ll have to deal with a lot of emotions and practical matters, including possibly making arrangements for the totaled vehicle. What else should you do?

  • Safety should be your first concern. If there are injuries, call 911. If you can move the vehicles out of the path of oncoming vehicles, do so before calling the police.

  • While you wait for police to arrive, consider exchanging insurance and license information with the other driver.

  • If your vehicle has been totaled, call our tow service. We work with most insurance companies, but you may need to cover some of the costs. You should be aware that some police departments will contact tow companies, so be sure to discuss arrangements with the official before you call.

Assisting Drivers in the Central Ohio & Orient Areas

Eitel’s Towing Inc. in Columbus has a cooperative relationship with police and fire departments in Central Ohio. Call us to assist with collisions, rollovers and heavy-duty roadside assistance. Our number is 614-877-4139.

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